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Revision 12/31/18:

Added:  Ms Konigs­dam Onboard Images

Revision 12/23/18:


All images on this web­site have been reduced in size and res­o­lu­tion for dis­play.  More than 99% of the images were orig­i­nal­ly cap­tured in cam­era raw high res­o­lu­tion with the fol­low­ing cam­eras:

  • Olym­pus E500, E30, E5, EM‐1, and EM1‐Mark 2
  • Canon AS1200, S100, and S120

All pho­tographs on this web­site are copy­right­ed by Roger Jett, all rights reserved, and may be used only by writ­ten per­mis­sion.  Use the Con­tact menu to request per­mis­sion to use spe­cif­ic images (as post­ed or high‐resolution ver­sions).

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